Consistent and knowledgeable Contract Managers with
an understanding of your business needs and objectives.


As Rowley’s are a dedicated fully inclusive contract hire and leasing company we pay particular attention to specific contract management. We believe in continuity with key contacts and that benefits are achieved through specific knowledge of clients operations, vehicles and staff. We try to dedicate specific individuals to clients to manage all aspects of their needs, liaising with them directly and their service providers. All aspects of the contract are dealt with initially by our head office and then organised with any third party support companies. We do not operate a detached call centre system as high service levels are difficult to attain in such an arrangement.


On delivery of all new vehicles a full year’s maintenance schedule will be produced and given to each client to record their maintenance and compliance matters. Rowley’s monitor and advise client’s when a submission is required and arrange for the presentation of the vehicles.

We encourage site meetings to discuss the client’s ongoing operations and to help us gain a thorough understanding of each client location. As a contract ages the meetings can be used to discuss any maintenance site issues, potential cost savings and any changes or variances in the client’s strategy.


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